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Buy gold from Africa online

Buy gold from Africa online with cash


Many investors think that buying gold is difficult especially with cash because it exposes their credulity status in their countries especially when they use bank transfers or western union transfers. However out of our experience buying gold with cash much as it comes with its own negativity it’s the best way to trade this lucrative business because you will make a purchase directly and you will even skip certain taxes. All our physical metals are paid for with cash and they are not sold for cheques. From wherever you might be so long as you are ready to trade this business you will just have to make sure that you contact us for more information such that we enlighten you about our payment procedures during the trade.

Buy gold from Africa online through a trusted gold selling company


Much as you don’t want to physically come to Africa and buy your gold you must also be skeptical about buying gold online because there are so many people out there that are going sell you the metal and you will never get your products. However if you are reading this information at this platform you are in the right place because precious metals east Africa ltd is the perfect company that can guarantee you to make an online purchase for the metal. All you need is to contact us directly or through the contact form and make sure that you listen out for our selling procedures or FCO.

Buy gold from Africa online with proper documentation


We sell gold with the necessary documentation just to ensure that you find ease when receiving or transporting this metal. It’s not easy task to sell gold at the international markets without its papers of origin or taxes so even if you are online we shall email you all the necessary documentation such that you even go and prove them through the different online systems because these are government or national documents with tracking numbers since we are dealing with an international commodity.


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    Author: TEM (U) LTD