Buy gold bricks at cheap and affordable prices

Buy gold bricks at cheap and affordable prices

Buy gold bricks with 22 karat and 24 karat


Buy gold bricks at cheap and affordable prices for sale physically with precious metals east Africa ltd. If you are looking for gold to do business or gold as a hedge for inflation meaning gold as a store of value for your money then you must consider buying 22 k gold doer bars or 24 k gold bars fully refined and purified. We have both qualities for the gold at affordable prices. I know many wonder why our gold is slightly below the spot price or below the market price prevailing in the international markets and online but it’s all because in Africa where we are located gold is privately mined and traded government does not involve its self in the gold business instead it even puts reduced prices such that people can involve in the trade and develop the mining sector.

Buy gold bricks with finest quality used to make jewelry


If you are a jeweler in any country, America, Swiss, France or Italian you need to use 22k or 24k though most of you use 18k and below because you believe 22k and 24k is very expensive to buy. You are right it’s expensive but also if you are to buy it from us it will be cheap and you are going to make more money out of it. Our cheap gold is the secret of most successful jewelers who risk and come to Africa. Well I say risk because Africa is commonly known for forests and civil wars by rebels but that is not the case anymore it’s now a developed continent and you coming here we provide you with armed security until the day you decide to go back to your country

Buy gold bricks in small or large quantities


We sell our 22 k and 24 k gold bars or nuggets in both small and large quantities to any buyer across the world just feel free to contact us as soon as possible. For small buyers we start selling our metals from as low as 100 grams and for large quantity or bulky buyers we start to sell the metal from 10 kg and above. Buy more and buy less from us with legally approved documentation to accompany your physical merchandise.


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    Author: TEM (U) LTD