Buy gold nuggets today from Africa

Buy gold nuggets today

Buy gold nuggets with the highest quality


Buy gold nuggets with the highest quality of purity with 98.7 % before purification which guarantees you 99.8% after purification. We mine our nuggets from the rich gold mines in the democratic republic of Congo. Am sure you understand how the demand from these natural gold mines is at the world market and you can buy gold from us from any country you are. To buy gold nuggets today from Africa all you need is to contact us directly or through the contact form below and we shall communicate to you all that is necessary and all the required terms and conditions for you to attain the merchandise.

Buy gold nuggets at cheap and affordable rates


Cheap and affordable rates during gold purchase can only be found in Africa because here we have our own private vaults and we don’t have any hidden costs in regards to the acquisition of the precious metal. Therefore for you to have this kind of metal you will just need to make sure that you either make your purchases online or come straight to Uganda being our safe zone to do business in Africa. Its time you build a legacy with us being your supply contractor for high quality gold metals in bars, nuggets and dust.

Buy gold nuggets in bulk with documentation


As a legitimate company we understand the necessity of documentation during this lucrative trade and as a matter of fact we don’t sale gold without documentation because its one way of reducing the risks you can face during shipping or transportation. As a matter of fact the fact that our gold is insured before transportation documentation is vital for your own safety and also to keep and protect the name of our company.


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