Buy gold nuggets from the richest Congo gold mines

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Buy gold nuggets from the richest gold mines in the democratic republic of Congo. We have our precious nuggets ranging within 22 k and are at low prices because we attain our gold cheaply from the rebels in the DRC and from the local artisan miners which gives us the power to determine the prices of the metal on our own margins. Trading with us will ensure you high profit margins. Buy gold nuggets from the richest Congo gold mines is the one guaranteed way to profit maximize your investments. All you need is to contact us for consultation or more information directly or through the contact form below.

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Do you want to buy gold but you don’t want to come to Africa? Well then you must make sure that you buy in bulk because our bulk purchases are oriented with free shipping and transportation. Bulk purchases of gold with us starts from 10kgs and above. When shipping we transport the metal straight to your address and it should be received and signed by you or any designated person by the articles for the contract.

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We sell gold with all its supporting documents that are necessary for you to transport it or ship it to your country. So if you are buying your gold nuggets from us then you will find ease with the lucrative trade or business because you won’t go wrong. Therefore trading with us is no hassle but swift.


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