Purchase gold on loan with us in Africa

Purchase gold on loan

Purchase gold on loan from us at affordable prices


Purchase gold on loan if you have ready buyers on your side. If you want to invest in the precious metal by doing buying and selling you are most welcome to do with us business so long as you have potential buyers and you will be able to pay your debt as alleged or as stated in the payment agreements or terms of trade. It’s not that you will just come take gold and sell there are terms and conditions that you must go through with our legal team to make sure that the business legally favors you as well us not putting anyone at risk. We sell gold bars and nuggets on loan because we have a lot of local miners or artisan miners that bring this gold for us to sell yet in Africa we don’t have ready market for this lucrative business. If you are interested you may contact us as soon as possible.

Purchase gold on loan from us in bulk


When we talk of bulk purchases we mean purchases from 10 kilos of gold and more. We have delicious terms of trade that can favor you to purchase in bulk so long as you have already established your market and its ready market. Our gold bars are 24 k and 22 k with the best purity already tested and defined by the government laboratories with different lab tests. All you need is to contact us through the contact form below and I will be there to initiate business with you.

Purchase gold on loan from us with provision of proper documentation


Much as we sell you gold on gold we provide all necessary documentation for the gold you have purchased such that you may transport the gold as soon as possible. We also help to provide our experience with transportation using the best and most secure transportation companies in the transport industry of Uganda. Many people have gold but they don’t have documentation so we have a legal team to help you process documentation for your precious metals.


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