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Are you looking for the highest quality gold? Do you want to buy gold cheaply? Well you are on the right website. As an indigenous east African gold selling company we sell gold typically mined from the rich gold mines of Congo. I know the main reason why most investors what to buy gold from Congo is because of its quality as known by the world. Did you know that even on the international markets physical gold bars and nuggets with an origin from Congo have a higher market and demand than any other origin. So now that you know what you want you can contact us directly or through the contact form below and our directors will be there to contact you as soon as possible.

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Truth be told Congo is the source of the highest quality gold that is highest on demand in the whole world and finding a legitimate company like us is also like gold to you because you are going to become a successful investor with ready and adequate supply of the metal. Remember we mine for ourselves and we also buy gold from the local miners which are also a great source of the metal to us so we can provide steady supply so long as it doesn’t exceed 50 kgs of gold. We sell gold to investment companies and also to individuals so you don’t have to worry whether you have a company or not because in our country gold is just a commodity all you need is to make sure that you have your market ready to buy from you.

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We sell the highest quality of gold mined from Congo at cheap and affordable prices so long as your purchase is from our main operational office in Kampala, Uganda. Prices in South Africa are different from those in Uganda due to transport, taxes, and security and insurance fares. So if you are looking for a place where to buy your gold cash from 100grams to 50kgs at a very high quality then you must consider buying it from us below the prevailing market prices. You can contact us through the contact form below or through whatsapp directly.


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