Buy gold in Congo at reduced prices

Buy gold in Congo at reduced prices

Buy gold in Congo at reduced prices


Buy gold in Congo at reduced prices for sell in countries in Europe, Asia, and Arabian word. We mine the finest and best quality gold from the richest Congo gold mines. The reason why our prices are low is because we buy or attain our gold from the local miners in Congo and from the rebels and relatively low prices with cash then we again resell to other potential buyers. Therefore if you are looking forward to invest in gold with a profit making motive then you must consider to buy gold in Congo at reduced prices. If you have any questions for investment I will suggest you proceed and contact our directors directly or through the contact form below.

Buy gold in Congo in bulk and at reduced prices


Are a bullion buyer or do you want to buy gold in bulk? Contact us now and find out how much quantity of the precious metal can your budget hold. The main reason why you must consider buying your bulk metals from us is because we do not involve brokers so long as you come through our official gold selling website then you have already reached us. And remember that when you make a bulk purchase keep in mind that you will have benefits from your purchase such as bargaining power, free transportation and so on and so forth all you need is to contact our directors and make sure you get to know our terms of trade.

Buy gold in Congo direct with all the necessary documentation


We already have proper documentation from the ministry of mining and all we need is to process the taxation and transportation documentation with the tax authorities which is done with the express services. Therefore for cash buyers you are going to carry away your precious metals to your country in just two days immediately after proving the quality and purity of your metal from the ministry of mining.


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