Democratic republic of Congo gold facts

Democratic republic of Congo gold facts

Democratic republic of Congo gold facts


Gold in the DRC is mostly mined by the artisanal miners in the democratic republic of Congo. These are people who use hands and crude tools to find and extract gold manually. Remember when we go and employ them we only pay them after they get the mineral. These miners are working at pit in Ngweshe in south Kivu. The DRC government has an estimate that 20 to 30 tons of gold are extracted by Congolese artisanal miners each year but only about 650 pounds are officially exported. Expert’s estimate that may be up to 16 tons are actually extracted but agree with the official conclusion that nearly all of the gold mined by the locals is smuggled to countries like Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya.

Use of the gold mined from the democratic republic of Congo


Gold from the democratic republic of Congo is known for its best quality which is why most people from the Asian continent buy it to make jewelry, materials in smart phones and high technological devices in the medical sector. This gold is melted in gold bars and stashed in the safety deposit box of an investor in the vault. You can use this gold to move a lot of money without using cash or financial system.

Exploitation of gold in the democratic republic of Congo


Gold in the democratic republic of Congo is also exploited by the local armed groups or rebels and other forms of criminal organizations. Experts found that more than half of Congo’s artisanal miners work in pits where armed elements are present and of course benefiting. Exploitation of gold is both in bars and nuggets nothing is specific but most importantly always the gold from this land is always the best quality out of experience so all you need is to just make sure that you communicate as soon as possible. This exploitation gives a chance to the neighboring countries to attain gold at cheap prices.

Gold in the democratic republic of Congo is not sold through normal channels


Mine shafts dot a shaved green mountainside in Congo’s gold-rich province of South Kivu. The tunnels are propped up by tree trunks and plastic sheets inside, the damp air fills the lungs and the darkness and silence overwhelm the senses. Last week it rained, and two men were killed when a cave collapsed in a mudslide.

Ngweshe is a small mining site, a bumpy two-hour drive up dusty mountain roads, away from the provincial capital of Bukavu. It’s both home and worksite for about 235 men, many of them migrants. About 200,000 diggers make a living in thousands of such artisanal mines, using hands and crude tools to extract gold.

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