Gold in democratic republic of Congo

Democratic republic of Congo gold facts

Why there is cheap gold in democratic republic of Congo


In the democratic republic of Congo especially in the eastern DRC which touches the countries in the east African community small scale gold mining is a key source of income. People risk their lives digging for the ore, which they bring to our refinery to turn it into a gleaming bar of pure gold. The fact that this gold is attained from the native owners means that you can get the gold at a reduced price because we also get it at a low price simply because we can be able to buy the with cash from them. So if you are an investor buy and selling gold from Europe and your buying place is Europe or Asia then I think you have the wrong economics for your business because you must always look for the source of your product because it’s your strength at the market.

Gold in democratic republic of Congo has the highest quality


If you are not a first time gold buyer am sure you know that DRC has the highest quality gold in the whole world where most people source their gold. So what are you waiting for to travel straight to Africa and buy gold. It has never been complicated to buy gold from Africa its just that people have the mentality that Africa I still a war zone. That is not the case because we provide your security if you want or you can also come and purchase your hand carry same time and you go back to your country with it because we have the documentation to sell the gold.

Buy gold in democratic republic of Congo through us


The fact that you are not a native it will be hard for you to buy gold from the DRC but if you buy from us or sign with us the contract of supply you will be able to attain the highest quality physical gold in the country. We have our operational offices in Uganda and South Africa so from wherever you buy we can still reduce on the prices that you are going to buy but cheap prices are mostly in Uganda where our vault and main office is.


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