Democratic republic of Congo gold smuggling

Democratic republic of Congo gold smuggling

Democratic republic of Congo gold smuggling


As a native African company that is trading gold we also sell gold bars and nuggets from different countries around east Africa but most especially from the democratic republic of Congo. Most of our gold is locally bought from the artisanal miners that smuggle and bring it to Uganda which is why most of our gold prices are very low compared to other gold selling companies in other countries. Many countries or sellers that sell gold in Europe in countries like Russia, Canada, USA, Dubai, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia etc buy there gold directly from the democratic republic of Congo so if you are determined to make profits which is the goal of every investor just make sure you start doing business with us from today onwards.

Buy gold from Congo and sell it to Asia


If you are in Asia Africa should be the source of your precious metal not anywhere else and if you are looking for trust then you have it because buying your metals directly from us is the beginning of success for your business. Because trading with us does not involve brokers neither does it involve any kind of liners for the trade every price you get from us is the original price. O you should start today to get your hands on the physical product. All you need is to come to Africa or we can also send you the product so long as you agree with our terms and conditions for the product.

Buy gold from the democratic republic of Congo


As a company of professionals we know how important it is to buy gold with documentation because we understand the risk of selling gold without documentation on the international markets. So as much as you buy gold smuggled we still provide all the necessary documentation for you to sell your gold as well to be able to travel with it right away after purchase. It’s very advantageous for those that do cash and carry. For more information you may contact us through the contact form below or through whatsapp directly.


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