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Are you in Dubai in search of high quality gold at cheap and affordable prices? Look no further contact us and we will help you acquire high quality gold cheaply, are you in the Arab world and you are looking for gold sale? Come to Kampala Uganda and buy it at affordable prices from us. We have the highest quality, the purest and lowest priced gold from the African continent. That gold is available here with us and we have it in all quantities. We source our gold from the rich gold mines of the democratic republic of Congo. Contact us now; you can now buy for sale in Dubai.

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We sell the purest gold available in Dubai and on the African market it is gold quality that will make money for you. When you buy it, you can also sell it to people who will process it into gold bars banks across the world are constantly looking for 24k gold. There are many renowned world coins that can be made using 24k gold this means you will have market and assured profit when you buy the gold from us because it’s of a very high quality that is most wanted around the world with purity between 97.6% and 98.9%.

Documentation and shipping provided for you


We process all necessary documents required in the transportation of the gold bought from us. Cash and carry customers will always find it easy to transport their product back to their country. There has never been a hassel to trade with us that is why even up to now we are still running stronger and stronger. Out of experience we know how important documentation and taxes are in this kind of trade which is why we help them through.


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