How to buy gold bars from Africa

How to buy gold bars from Africa legitimately

Do you want to know how to buy gold bars from Africa? Well you can contact us through email, whatsapp directly or make a direct call to make sure that you get legitimate advice to buy the gold. First and foremost is to get a legitimate company that you want to buy this gold from which is your first luck because you are already on our platform. We provide all our legal documentation to support our credibility for who you are to prove our worth to do business with us. However to answer your question for how to buy gold bars you will need to have primary information from our directors.

How to buy gold bars with high quality

When we are selling gold this is our procedure we apply for an assay report with you in the ministry for geological science through their laboratory which is done practically with the physical gold then after you have official documents about the karat and purity then we seal the box and you pay for the gold. For those that have their own safety professional measures inform of tools you can also travel with them to us and check your product before you make a purchase. This is how to buy gold bars with a high quality.

How to buy gold bars and successfully ship your gold to your destination

Many investors from Europe, Asia and so many other continents don’t travel to purchase gold because they believe most gold in Africa is encumbered by different legal organizations and many others. Well those are just beliefs because we are always exporting gold to different countries in the world to our buyers. We are an official and legal company that mines and sells gold bars and nuggets at reduced prices. We also export gold to different countries depending on the terms of the purchase and we also assist our buyers who physically come down to Africa to buy gold. As much as we sell we also aid on shipping your purchased precious metals to your destination.

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