Gold mining in Congo

Gold mining in Congo

Gold mining in Congo

Gold mining in Congo is one of the biggest mineral activity in the eastern region of Africa or commonly known as the great lakes region. Congo has the largest gold mineral deposits and its also one of the countries where most miners both locals and internationals are making a profitable trade out of the gold trade. However due to political issues in the country through bodies like the UN, and other peace keeping foreign countries that have sent their armies in the country it has made business hard for most independent business men across the world to source gold from Congo because they are collecting for their national reserve. However that is why you need us because we have experience to do the trade and we source it to you at a cheaper price as expected.

With whom can you partner with gold mining in Congo

If you have heard about our reputation in the eastern region then you would know why we make the perfect partner for gold mining in Congo. We source gold for international markets and international clients that want to trade gold in their countries. Most of our gold deposits have a quality of 24k and 22k with the best quality for purity of the gold. We have gold in nuggets and in bars. All our assays are perfectly issued through the government laboratory under the ministry of mining to permit the export standards.

Facts about gold mining in Congo

Gold is available in Congo and in large deposits and we are one of the private company that owns some of the mines in which we mine. We also source the gold at a cheaper price from the artisanal miners or local miners then we purify and process all the legal documentation necessary for the trade. So you can come to Uganda for a safe trade because that is where our vault is and it’s easier to ship from Uganda to any country legally without inconveniences.

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    Author: TEM (U) LTD