Why you should buy gold from us in Congo

Why you should buy gold from us in Congo

Legitimate sourcing of gold in Congo

We employ the most Ethical and responsible sourcing of Gold from various mines in the democratic republic of Congo. We source Gold locally from the mines through Sponsored mines operations financing and by buying directly from Artisanal Miners and medium scale mining companies with legitimate Mining Licenses in the great lakes region of Africa. Till date, we have brokered and sponsored hundreds of joint venture and investment programs with hundreds of Local miners where we invest directly into the mines and expand mining operations with Local miners for general output improvement.


In the precious metals industry, we have designed its operations to be as time-efficient as possible to our Clients who Buy Gold from us across the world.

Efficiency in Transport

We as a legitimate company employ the top secured and security companies in the world for effective and efficient delivery of Gold Bars or Dusts to our clients and customers who order from us, we typically deliver Gold orders within 1 to 5 days to our Clients and customers Refinery or Destination Port or airport.

Efficiency in Access to Bulk Quantity

Our supply chain management for unrefined Gold bars and dusts is handled by the best industry sourcing experts, we understand the African business scenario, and with our database of local miners and access to multiple mining sites in conjunction to our robust financial threshold, we manage bulk monthly supply chain of gold dusts and bars for our clients and customers and refiners we serve.

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    Author: TEM (U) LTD