Do you need a license in Illinois to buy gold

Do you need a license in Illinois to buy gold

So many people keep asking me this question however if you are dealing with my company you don’t need a license to buy gold. For as long as you have money to pay for the gold you are purchasing my company is a licensed company to trade gold internationally so when you buy from me we deliver the shipment.

Keep in mind that we help our buyers to process every documentation necessary to trade the gold so you don’t need a license. You will just store your gold or take it and sell it to your other buyers if you are doing buying and selling with a profit making motive.

Delivery of gold can be done in different ways depending on the quantity of the shipment. With small quantities we can deliver as hand carry on plane. With large quantities we deliver through a trusted shipping company or private jet. So delivery can be made to you and you can decide to trade the gold in your country still under our processed documentation.


Author: TEM (U) LTD