Buying gold as an investment

gold bar lot

Buying gold as an investment is an economic strategy that some investors use to practically diversify their portfolios. It’s also used as a strategy to hedge against economic uncertainties. However, if you are looking forward to invest in gold then here are some of the advantages you need to understand and consider

  1. Physical gold as a diversification:

Gold is often considered a hedge against inflation and economic downturns. It tends to have a low correlation with stocks and bonds, providing diversification benefits. That’s why for a long time we know gold keeps value especially the 24k gold however always buy it at the best price possible on the market.

  • Physical gold as a store of value:

Throughout history, gold has maintained its value, and it’s been seen as a store of wealth. Investors sometimes turn to gold during times of economic uncertainty. Which is why every where you are you can buy physical gold and store it as a store of value.

  • Considering gold as a Liquidity:

Gold has extremely very high liquidity compare to other assets. Simply because it’s a store of value and with a very high demand. However, for us here we only look at gold as physical gold because it’s what we sell. We don’t understand gold as stocks, gold ETFs, traded funds etc.

  • Gold as a tangible asset:

When I talk about gold as a tangible asset I am discussing about physical gold in form of gold bars, nuggets. However, from these primary forms from my company you can always transform it to coins, bars or jewelry.

However, you should also understand that physical gold comes with some disadvantages that you need to fulfill during possession of the gold physically.

  1. Physical gold doesn’t create Income:

Gold stores value no doubts however once the value increases in the market you make more profits so always make purchase from us at low prices so that you can make profit at all times. Unlike stocks or bonds, gold doesn’t generate income. It doesn’t pay dividends or interest.

  • You will always incur storage and insurance Costs:

If you choose to invest in physical gold, you’ll need a secure place to store it, which may incur additional costs. Additionally, you may need to insure your gold against theft or damage. This is all based on which country you are.

  • At some point gold market is volatile:

As much as gold is considered a safe haven, its price can still be volatile. Market conditions, geopolitical events, and economic factors can influence the price of gold. However, you can always avoid that by buying your gold from us because we have the finest prices.

  • Gold has Limited Industrial Use:

Unlike other commodities, gold has limited industrial use. Its value is largely based on its status as a precious metal and a store of value.


Author: TEM (U) LTD