Buy Gold From Africa

Many people in Europe think it’s ridiculous to fly all the way to Africa and do lucrative business because they feel it’s not safe which is actually vice versa with the Asian investors who keep flying to Africa like it’s their home simply because they discovered treasure at cheap and affordable prices. It’s not all about coming to Africa for gold but it’s all about attaining or purchasing the precious metal at cheap and affordable prices to guarantee you large profit margins.

Africa being the perfect treasure for gold without a well defined quantity is a source of the finest quality for gold bars, nuggets and dust. It’s our gold that is purified to come up with 24k gold which is the worlds most wanted. All our gold has all the necessary documents to trade and also help you transport the gold from Africa to your country without any inconveniences.

We mine our gold from the rich gold lands from the great lake regions that hold countries like Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, democratic republic of Congo, Burundi, Rwanda etc. we don’t sell or supply much kilos of gold but our definite and sure supply is between 100 grams to 20 kilos of gold. We sell gold to Europe, Asia, Arab world and everyone who wants to invest or purchase gold. For more information you can contact us through the contact form below or call us directly for proper explanation of the trade.