Buy Gold Nuggets


buy gold nuggetsAm sure we are talking about gold nuggets but very few know what nuggets are and we as a gold trading have to inform you every important information about gold such that you are literate about this lucrative form of investment.

Nuggets are lumps of precious metals found in the earth’s crust. Commonly in the world nuggets exist in two forms gold nuggets and silver nuggets but since we only trade in gold we shall go an extra mile about gold nuggets at the moment.

Gold nugget pricing:

Natural gold nuggets sell for a premium price over the spot gold price because they are valued similarly to gem stones and much more rare than fine gold dust. However as an African gold trading company we sell our gold nuggets below the prevailing market or spot price which guarantees you profits in the gold markets.

We sale gold nuggets per gram: if you are looking for gold nuggets and haven’t found them at cheap and affordable prices I will suggest that you buy your gold nuggets by the gram right here. We ship your nuggets to you if you don’t want to come to Africa under recongnized and trusted transport companies or you can also come and buy your nuggets physically we shall use our connections to assist you find ease with transportation.

How many nuggets? Is a common question by most gold buyers that contact us for this lucrative business but one thing I would like to make clear is that we sell the nuggets according to weight and each nugget has its own weight so depending on the weight for nuggets you are looking forward to buy will also determine how many stones you will carry with you. However I can generally enlighten you out of experience that you can expect around 2-4 pieces of gold if you buy a gram of 6 mesh gold, 7-12 pieces if you buy a gram of 8 mesh gold, around 15-20 pieces if you buy a gram of 10 mesh gold and around 20-25 pieces if you buy a gram of 12 mesh gold. Keep in mind that why there is no defined criterion is because every piece of gold nugget is natural which makes it unique size and shape.

Why you should invest in gold nuggets?

Simply you should invest in gold nuggets because it’s very valuable. Since the ancient days gold has been symbol of wealth and has also been used as a source of currency and will continue to do so which is also evidenced by its high demand?

gold as a precious metal its price has increased substantially over the past several years and all business or economic experts and analysts have proved that it’s still going to continue with its trend which calls shots making it inevitable for everyone to invest in. gold increases in the price when the value of currencies goes down which is why it’s even ensured by different finacialists that it will continue to have a strong interest for many years.

Gold is a national trust in the dollar. Its affected daily by economic indicators that portend dire consequences for those who fail to acknowledge the world wide divergence of major nations such as china, Russia and India and former staunch trading partners like brazil who are jumping in to the stable tried and true hard currency of gold and other precious metals.

Much as many investors choose to invest in bullion the natural beauty of gold nuggets has added appeal that can never be matched. Gold bars are manmade much as it has a high and great value there is still something unique and different about gold nuggets since they are natural because no one can make a natural gold nugget.

Another social importance of buying or investing in gold nuggets is because of its legacy of passing a tangible inheritance to your family without loss of value and also growing a portfolio in regards to business or investment.