How to buy gold from Congo today

How to buy gold from Congo

How to buy gold from Congo


I know the entire world knows how cheap it is to buy gold in Congo but it also has a history about rebels which is true due to the political instabilities in the country. However if you are wondering how to buy gold from Congo then you must also understand that the reason why we as an African indigenous gold selling company exists is because we can access the gold from the insecure country and bring it to the secure country. For instance our main operational office is in Uganda where we have the biggest vault among-st all our operational offices. For that matter if you want to come and buy the physical gold on ground then you must be willing to come to Uganda physically because it’s safe and we provide security as well then you will buy the gold from us.

How to buy gold from Congo to Asia


We have been in operation with gold selling as a local company for years and now we are a bridge between the international gold buyers and Africa. We get gold from different countries in Africa and put it in our safe zones or country. So if you want to buy physical gold from Congo and other countries in Africa you don’t have to risk your capital and life you should buy from us you will still get the purchase at reduced prices with which you can make enough profits. We can process your purchase from online or you can also come physically to east Africa the choice is yours but what matters is that you are safe either way. We sell gold to companies and also to individuals and with cash or transfers.

How to buy gold from Congo with proper documentation


To buy gold from Congo you must make sure you buy from a legitimate company which is us and buying from us you will be buying 22k and 24k with the highest purity and quality. We offer shipping services for all the bulk purchases especially if you don’t feel safe to transport it yourself we have a network of entrusted transport companies that can make your dream come true. Immediately after you are done with payments especially for the physical purchases we provide the documentation for the purchase hence to enable you as a cash buyer to transport your gold immediately.


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